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Dank Bros. Oregonic Chronic™

September 2018

For the first harvest, Dank Brothers chose seven strains that are favorites of Adam’s and Gary’s based on experience, customer feedback, friendly counsel, and personal use for both medical and recreational purposes.


These strains are proven for their effectiveness to treat a range of conditions, both physical and emotional. Likewise, they represent a carefully curated variety of strains that have credible testing for consistency of characteristics that produce predictable effects and appeal to users who want predictable experiences with each use.


And so pretty to look at! Look through the photos to note a beautiful range of colors and shapes. And take it from Adam that these strains feel sensual to the hands and the varied aromas stimulate the olfactory system and light up the brain.


But don’t take our word for it. Talk to the Dank Family: Jessie, Caleb, Jeff and Jimmy to get your eyes, hands, and nose on these premium quality Oregonic chronic™ products.


Want to visit the lab in Milwaukie, Oregon to see for yourself where the science and magic and love comes together? Email Gary and let him know you’d like to drop by. Meet the family. Feast your eyes on the state-of-the-art labs. Just Dank it.

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