What does it take to compete in the Cannabis Industry?

It takesCascadia Water

Filtered bythe earth

Filtered a second time by the Dank filtration system

It takes organic nutrients in a
Coco Coir fiber based grow medium

It takes Time

Plants are cared for every day until they grow and produce flowers.

Harvested when trichomes are milky white, and THC and terpenes are at their peak


Drying and curing, followed by exclusively hand trimming every flower.

Resulting in flavorful and uplifting sativas
gassy and colorful indicas

Growing high quality at high quantity…

As the finest curator of Cannabis in Oregon, The Dank Brothers take their business very seriously.
We are a Tier 2 OLCC licensed grower dedicating 10,000 sq feet to the cultivation of premium cannabis.


Our company is led by seasoned professionals who have years of experience in starting and building businesses in a variety of disciplines. We bring that experience to the business of cultivating top tier Cannabis for dispensaries and processors to share with their customers.

Dank Goodness for The Dank Brothers
—the authors of Chill.

Seasoned, professional, sophisticated.

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