Meet the Dank Brothers

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Caleb – Chronic Consultant


 I’m growing friends in there…they talk to me…I spend a lot of time with them…they’ve given me everything I’ve ever had…they can be finicky and have memory…so I treat ‘em right and with deep respect.


He grew up in Minnesota learning horticulture from his mother in her garden. When he was small, he thought the attentive gardening habits she was teaching him was punishment. He came to love the work and the fulfillment of growing something extraordinary and realized he would be in the family business, too.


He arrived in Oregon in 1999, a cannabis connoisseur. His plan was to read, climb mountains, and secure a medical growing license. His strain choices and growing processes were influenced by local legend Old Man Rich who helped him hone his expertise in the art and science of cannabis cultivation.


He kept detailed logs, year in and out, of every seed planted, of every nutrient, soil, water, and light combination tested. And he developed expanded appreciation of his offspring: the shine of the leaf, the exact color of green, the scent of every strain, the feel of the buds in his hands.


In the medical marijuana field, Caleb was well known for the assurance of a premium product and the dependability of each strain’s qualities. He took a special interest in the patients who used his weed. He met with them, listened to their stories about the comfort and healing properties of his cannabis. He hesitates to share those stories in order to protect the privacy of the patients. But he takes pride in knowing he helped people when they were suffering.


The zoning on his grow operation changed about the same time pot became legal in Oregon. He was looking for a new grow site and a friend introduced him to Gary. They met over a brew. Though different men in most ways, they could agreed that everybody deserves good weed. And the two became Dank Brothers.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Gary – The Aficionado ” tab_id=”1537399364765-dfb36b89-8416″][vc_column_text]

Gary – The Aficionado


    To hell with facts! We need stories. – Ken Kesey


He was a student-athlete in Eugene and a long way from LA sunshine. One gray winter weekend, a friend took him out to the country. It wasn’t the 60s, but the Merry Pranksters were still kicking ass at the Kesey farm. During his times at the farm, he rubbed elbows with influential artists, poets, and writers who taught him the power of cannabis to spark creativity, release anxiety, and express love.  


He became a story teller as a video and film practitioner in the fast growing world of digital arts. He spent time with his boys and their friends, coaching sports teams and teaching the importance of education, hard work, respectful manners, kindness, and integrity.


Then cancer came knocking and he learned the power of cannabis to heal. He found that access to medical marijuana was the only thing that softened the violent blows of nausea and appetite loss so he could withstand the treatments. He researched how cannabis was being developed for new and more effective treatments of many types of physical conditions. He thought everybody deserves to have the benefits that come from cannabis.


As legalization efforts in Oregon grew stronger, he decided that there was a role he might mark out for himself. He learned everything he could about new and effective applications for the science and chemistry of cannabis products and listened to anybody who would talk to him about their experience using cannabis to treat health problems. To turn his passion into a business, he’d need a partner on the growing end to complement his skills in leadership and marketing.


A friend introduced him to Caleb. They met over a brew. Though different men in most ways, they could agreed that everybody deserves good weed. And the two became Dank Brothers.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”The Other Brothers and Family – Ducks, Oregonians, Dreamers” tab_id=”1537399789870-ad23529a-7da1″][vc_column_text]

The Other Brothers and Family – Ducks, Oregonians, Dreamers

We loved the idea of being part of a new industry and a new family of friends, and, more actual family. We’ve sowed oats, travelled, built, lost, and sold companies. Our mission is to deliver premium cannabis. But we’re here for the love – the investors who believe in us and what we are building, the family and friends who want to be a part of it. The young people who see the future and sustain us with their energy, hard work, and enthusiasm for building something of shared value.


Mike and Ron remember the summer of love, but these days work with the regulators, codes, contractors, bankers, and vendors.


Erik and Shauna and Chad are the designers, builders, constructors, strategists, branders, and quiet organizers.


Miles and Cole and Shams are the digital experts, security managers, high climbers, heavy lifters, and constant presence who arrive early and stay up late to keep things running. They work closely with Caleb to tend and release each crop into the world.


Jessie and Donielle are the voices and faces, knowledgeable experts, relationship makers, name takers, and comma placers.