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Angel Cake

Sometimes you want a lighter experience that simply delivers a neutral yet alert sense of presence that puts a softer edge on things. This sweet, vanilla and sugar scented burn is easy on the lungs, offering a long lasting aftertaste that gives way to a distinctive burnt rubber flavor.


Aficionados depend on Angel Cake for its general effectiveness in dealing with anger, stress, and tension. The effects come on quickly and strong but without any fatigue or narcotic-like sensations. Creativity and meditation are enhanced and natural ego is deflated with a head to toe sense of euphoria.


The genetics of this unique experience are a result of 20 months of testing. The buds are show stopping beauties with widely appealing flowers and sandy resin heads. The sandy trichomes contrast with the bright orange heads, accented by purple and blue calyxes. So pretty and so sweet to the nose, like warm vanilla.  


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    • Type: Hybrid

    • Medium: Soil

    • Nutrients: nitrates

    • Lineage: Rude + Boi

    • Potency: 18% average THC level

    • Lights: T5

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